About Agestrong

Comprehensive Training with a Science-First Approach

While some may believe that their current exercise routine is “good enough,” the alarming reality is that most fail to address the changing physiological needs that come with age. That’s why Agestrong custom designs every program to address those very needs using methodologies backed by the latest scientific findings.


Our joint-targeting programs allow you to reap the benefits of better long-term mobility with exercises that promote the secretion of Synovial Fluid, which helps keep joint cartilage healthy and toxin-free.

Improved Speed & Endurance

Exercises that address both slow- and fast-twitch muscle fibers help retain and restore the ability to move quickly over longer distances, letting you live life with more confidence and independence.


Individualized training helps ensure your physical activity is at an appropriate intensity level to produce the psychological responses needed to disrupt frailty and keep you healthier and stronger, longer.

Classes & Training

Remote Online

Train comfortably, safely, and conveniently from anywhere with a live video call training session.


Personal trainers will guide you through exercises to build the strength and stamina you need to continue doing all the things you love — whether that’s golfing, shopping, playing with grandkids, or traveling.

Speed & Power

Designed to counter the loss of fast-twitch muscle fibers that occurs more quickly with age, speed and power training help build a higher physical functioning level to prevent injuries, like falls, and support higher levels of independence.

Balance, Flexibility,
& Mobility Training

As the base for a healthy and active lifestyle, flexibility, balance, and mobility are essential to aging well. Using balance disks, wobble boards, flat agility ladders and other engaging moves, this training helps reinforce fundamental skills while building strength and confidence.


Get active with someone special as you work with an instructor in a tailored training session to develop healthier bodies and minds.

Small Group &
Family Training

Whether with friends, family, or colleagues, group workouts introduce a fun variety of activities designed to work the whole body, all in a motivated, team-like atmosphere.


As a special service offered to those unable to make it to an Age Performance facility due illness or injury, this program allows those to continue training, regaining strength while becoming more functional.

Home Gym Consultation
& Design

Enjoy the benefits of professional recommendations on everything from equipment to layout to help you get the most out of your in-home gym.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Take it from those who have experienced the transformational impact of our programs firsthand.

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